Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 miles on two feet is a long, wonderful way...

We had a marvelous time two weekends ago when we attempted to hike 42 miles around Mt. Hood, starting and ending at Timberline Lodge.  It was the boys' first backpacking trip and the first one Bob and I have been on in about 7 years!  Brave or silly?  You can be the judge:)
The Hood to Coast Relay started on that same day.  We said, "Bah! Anyone can run from Mt. Hood to the Coast!" and kept walking.

What goes up must come down... to the White River.  That is some cold glacier water!

Pretty little crossing in the Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area- Mitchell Creek.

I don't know why, but these flowers so reminded me of Dr. Seuss!
Wait, if we walk down there doesn't that mean we have to go up the other side?  Yep!

Clark Creek... gotta love trekking poles!

 Um, aren't those logs a little far apart?                         Now that's a little more like it!

It wasn't as bad as it looks... getting down to Newton Creek.  
Time to set up camp... I think 12 miles is enough for one day! 

Better than waking up to Foldgers I'd say!  Day two... 

The lady is fierce! 

Well, some of us are still smiling:)

The snow crossings got a little old!

                    Mt. Rainier... a brutal beauty.                        Hiking Cooper Spur with Rainier to the right.

This became a familiar view... what can I say?  I'm slow.

We ended up at Cloud Cap- one day before the wildfire that is still raging.  We noticed the smoke that afternoon as we hiked back up towards Cooper Spur.  Unfortunately, or maybe not, our next creek crossing was riskier than we were willing due to a major washout several years ago.  We may have been turned back because of the fire anyway.  

Day three... Cooper Spur, again.
Everyone got a turn filtering our water... good and cold!

Back into Meadows.

Day four... Good Morning White River!  About 3 miles later we were in the car and on our way home.

The hike was everything I had hoped it would be, though I do hope that we can complete the loop someday.  It will be interesting to see how the current wildfire changes the landscape of the mountain and trail.  

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Sherri B. said...

How nice that you got to do the hike and the weather seems to have fun!

pogonip said...

I love the "shadow" photo--it seems to capture the essence of backpacking a mountain like Hood.

Bonnie said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!! I am so proud of you doing that hike! That is no small feat! The scenery is gorgeous!! I would really like to do this with my husband loves this kind of thing. His body is just built for it. He has hiking and biking stamina like you would not's a little freakish how he can do it...but have no stamina what-so-ever. I want to, but it's not in me. But...I could do a small maybe 8 miles over a period of a 2 days. Thanks for sharing your photos. I am going to show my hubby, he will love it.

Jami @An Oregon Cottage said...

Wow Heather- what an accomplishment and memory! I'm not sure I could do that... What did you all eat? That would make a good post. :)

Mads said...

Wow, what a memorable trip!
hehe and I enjoyed the Dr. Suess flowers.

Lexa said...

Heather- what a neat trip! Good for you having the guts to give it a go. Waking up to that view of Mt. Hood was worth it. Here's to doing the compete loop next time :)