Saturday, December 11, 2010

A little house tour... getting ready to get ready!

The time for disarray is over!  Yep, I volunteered to host our annual family Christmas Eve dinner.  You see, the only time I really have a clean house is when company is coming over.  Shhhh, please don't give my secret away.

I often lament my lack of skills and dedication regarding this part of my life... I blogged a perfect example in a post titled I Want to be Organized.  There is a reason I link to Garden Parties and not House Parties:)  

But for now I'd like to bask in the glory of what is a rarity at my house... a living room and dining room that is ready to receive company...

Tilly is waiting to greet you~ come on in!

Standing in the entry... need to soften those windows a bit, don't you think?  I have some gorgeous rods to put up and then I will look for fabric.

 Photographing your home is a great exercise... it makes me look at things differently.

Hmmm, should have closed my bedroom door:)

You can see my newly organized pantry if you look closely.

I do like my dining room... it feels warm and inviting.

And now, time is of the essence.  The countdown continues, and there is much left to do... looking forward to sharing more later.

Thanks for stopping by!

Linked up to Nester's Paint Party... I used Benjamin Moore's Monarch Gold on every wall.


La Vie Quotidienne said... begin with the house looks lovely. You have wonderful windows, nothing in as imporatant as light in a room. I agree with you about how pictures can help you see a room, or a garden, on a different level...going outside and peeking in the windows helps too...just make sure it is you own house, you wouldn't want to get arrested. (-:

Jessaca said...

Love the color on the walls...same as we have here. Your dinning room is lovely. Oh and I see we have the same table. Only thing is your chairs match. We are still using the same chairs from the dinning room table that we had to put in the basement in due part to little one destroying it.
Anyway hope you have a lovely time hosting your family in your oh so clean home. Enjoy!!
Have a great day!!!

Jami said...

Beautiful! I love your home- did you build it? It's very warm and inviting. I do agree that the windows would look fantastic with drapes. I look forward to seeing them in the future. :-)

ChezPooh said...

Heather, nice to have you back! Your home looks great! I, too, only seem to do a thorough cleaning and pick up the clutter when company is coming (which is not often). But I am getting better. It takes less effort each and every time. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your guests.

Kansas Amy said...

Very nice! Thank you for the tour!

Mads said...

Aww Tilly is SO inviting!

Life in Rehab said...

There's my Tilly!
The house is beautiful and inviting, Heather, with just the right touches of classic holiday accents.

lisbonlioness said...

Okay, okay, nice shed... but that pooch! *melt* (just hiding my envy here, really... still love the pooch, though!)

Leigh said...

Heather your home is lovely! So welcoming. I agree with you on some window treatment. I'm sure you'll find the right one. Will you have a lot of family coming over?

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Your home is lovely, Heather! I'm crazy about your wall color. It's so warm and inviting. I know what you mean about cleaning. We had my in-laws over on Sunday and I forgot how wonderful it is to have a clean house! I guess I should have company over more often to help keep things tidy!

Seizing My Day said...

Heather your home is lovely!! I am envious of the wood floors and those windows are fabulous!! Our house has a horrible layout... thus making me hate it!! and very little windows... If I could turn back time!!

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Your home looks fantastic, Heather! Love the milk chocolate walls--talk about welcoming, lol. Thanks for the peek <3

Kristy said...

What a lovely, inviting, beautiful home you have! How wonderful that your hosting Christmas (I LOVE to host....anything for that matter!)
Fun to catch up with your blog...
Blessings ~

Custom Comforts said...

What a beautiful home you have! Looks like it came right out of a magazine.